Gloria Artes Vitae!

Founded in 2013, the Association of Masonic Arts is actively involved in laying the groundwork for a far greater appreciation of the significance of the Masonic Arts, and its recognizable material culture in Western history and beyond. Though the beautiful objects of the Craft have long been a focus of great fondness for Masons, the serious potential in using the wider appreciation of its themes and symbolic meanings has been under-appreciated as a simple way of bringing all those connected with Masonic traditions together. 

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Dear Brethren

and Fellows Lovers of the Masonic Arts,

a hearty welcome to kindly join our Association and enjoy its expositions, and online resources. It is our intent to live up to the high ideals we have set in this great work of Freemasonry.

Please, contact us with any questions or remarks, or with any ideas on the field of the Masonic Arts and Architecture!

Sincerely yours,

                        Dimitar Mavrov, Executive Secretary of AMA





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