It is my pleasure and honor to present the event  FRATERNITY IN CONCERT, which will be presented on November 10, 2016 in Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina - south of Brazil, and will be marked by a musical presentation involving four important Brazilian Artists, among them the international extraordinary talented pianist and brother Alexandre Dietrich.

All the tickets of the event will be destined for a charity, caretaker of abandoned children.

This solidarity event is already part of the annual calendar of the "Rectitude and Culture" Lodge, and the " Grande Oriente do Brasil SC" is supporting the event.

In the show that has the participation of: Fernando De Carli - Baritone, Claudia Todorov - Soprano, Claudinéia Crescêncio Soprano and Alexandre Dietrich - pianist, will be interpreted works by important Brazilian composers like: Carlos Gomes, Francisco Mignone and Marlos Nobre,  and famous arias of operas like: Rossini and Puccini.

Please, my Friends from the Association of Masonic Arts around the World, support this great event. Let's this concert be true celebration of our Brotherhood and the Supreme Art of Music!

Gloria Artes Vitae!

Dear Brethren and Friends of Masonic Arts,

Please enjoy our documentary from the First World Festival of Masonic Arts - Celebration of Apollo, in Brasilia, Brazil at:

Dear Friends of the Masonic Arts,

The Art of the Operative or Free Masonry always will be Art of the Symbols. The Symbols are our language from the beginning of our Brotherhood and they were, are and will be the only way of teaching the young generations of the future Masters.

The process of understanding the Symbols is a Ladder, from which steps we can name a few:

*1/ intellectual step – learning the Knowledge of the Old Generations, watching and observing the Symbols from outside;

*2/ mental step – meditating on the forms and meanings of the Symbols;

*3/ spiritual step –entering the Symbols, feeling them, dreaming them; becoming one with them;

*4/ creative step – stepping back outside of the Symbols, giving them their new life in the World of our Art works;

*5/ unification step – developing our mind to level of Super consciences by unification of our limited world with the real limitless Universe, living our artificial Symbols in the Harmony with the outside World; and finally, realizing that we didn’t do anything else but were and are a part of the immortal play of growing and developing Humankind; that we are light from the Light forever.

        In this way, understanding the Symbols is imagining them like guides in our Journey of Life, and only Language of the Creation.

        In the Association of Masonic Arts we are keeping the Gates always open for creative ideas about presentation of our Masonic Symbolic Arts and Culture; and all Brethren are welcome to join our Festivals and Conferences, to share our dream for building one more beautiful world in Peace and Harmony.

Dimitar Mavrov,  

Executive Secretary

One year ago, on September 15th 2015, at the beautiful capital of Brazil – Brasilia – was born The First World Festival of Masonic Arts – Celebration of Apollo.

Hosted by Grand Orient of Brazil, under the patronage of MW Brother Marcos Jose da Silva, the Sovereign Grand Master of GOB, supported by thousands of Brazilian Masons, the Festival showed in front of the global contemporary society part of the Treasury of our Craft, and Masterpieces of the Masonic Culture.

Brazilian Freemasonry welcomed all of us from the bottom of their hearts with great hospitality.

Together - Brethren from different countries and cultures – we lived in Peace and Harmony, lucky to be part of the auditory for great performance of Masonic music, Lectures about the roots and the deep Symbolism of the Masonic Culture, and to enjoy hundreds of Masterpieces from Masonic artists in our General Exhibition.

Today, we would like to say Thank you to the Brazilian Brethren, who spent months in preparation of the Festival, who was on their post day and night, and gave all their positive energy to create something new, something bigger than we dreamed, something lighter than we can imagine. All of you will live in our hearts forever!

Thank you:

MW Brother Marcos Jose da Silva,

Honorable Grand Ambassador RW Brother Paulo Alves Koo,

Honorable Ambassadors Jose Arimateia Soares de Almeida, Jose Augusto de Araujo Rodrigues , Derli Klusener, Joao Francisco Guimaraes, Carlos Cesar Batista Sousa, Silvio de Souza Cardim, Helio Pereira Leite, Jose Eduardo de Miranda, Seridiao Correia Montenegro, Euclesio Ribeiro da Silva, Luis Carlos de Castro Coelho, Jose de Jesus Billio Mendes, Ney Alves de Arruda, Nelson Vieira de Souza, Amintas de Araujo Xavier, Raimundo Farias, Aderaldo Pereira de Olivera,  Wilson Picler, Jose Flavio Chaves Barbosa Junior de Britto, Francisco Jose de Sousa, Francisco Otavio Figueiredo Salgueiro, Edimo Muniz Pinho, Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira, Jorge Colombo Borges, Nelson Rangel Soares Filho, Divino Carlos Gouvea, Wagner Sandoval Barbosa,  Edwin Parra Rocco, Antonio Gavioli, Aristides Rubiao Alves Meira Filho, Egisto Rigoli, Clairton de Santana,  Antonio Ernani Martins,

and Honorable Brethren Joel de Oliveira, Arimar Fabiano Ferreira, Alexandre Dietrich!

Glory to the Grand Orient of Brazil!

Dimitar Mavrov,

Executive Secretary of the AMA

September 15, 2015

Congratulations ! 

Your Website “Association of Masonic Arts” receives the 

L.:V.:X.: AWARD in the year A.L. 6015.

It is awarded by "Urbantactics MASONIC ARTWORK"

for Masonic Light, Unity and Excellence Online.

Founded in 2013, the Association of Masonic Arts is actively involved in laying the groundwork for a far greater appreciation of the significance of the Masonic Arts, and its recognizable material culture in Western history and beyond. Though the beautiful objects of the Craft have long been a focus of great fondness for Masons, the serious potential in using the wider appreciation of its themes and symbolic meanings has been under-appreciated as a simple way of bringing all those connected with Masonic traditions together. The AMA will strongly pursue the goal of fostering greater research, dialogue, courteous debate and vigorous application of basic artistic enthusiasm towards a higher purpose. History is clear from all periods of world history, and particularly in the West,  that the Fine Arts can be a very pragmatic and virtuous means of mending differences, while at the same time increasing appraisal of the best of human nature, or at the very least ameliorating the worst. This potential in the Masonic Fine Arts has seriously been under-used in the Masonic community considered in its broadest sense, as all those connected to Masonic traditions by diverse initiatic vow. 

In pursuing this high purpose, the Association of Masonic Arts in no way seeks to challenge received acknowledgements and distinctions in regard to recognitions. Rather, it seeks to use the simple and virtuous enthusiasm that so many feel toward the beautiful objects and arts of Freemasonry as a useful and clearly harmless way of providing a space for dialogue in a forum of artistic appreciation. Therefore, the purpose and intent of the AMA has a deeply unified viewpoint of diverse possibilities that are always present when human beings engage in any appreciation of the Fine Arts.  This is its only purpose, and will ever remain so. The arts traditionally speak to higher ideals, and appreciation of those ideals can be employed for virtuous purposes. The ideals embraced by the Directors and Members of the AMA are simply those of Freemasonry more generally considered—fraternity, human respect for liberty, equality and fellowship. 

To this purpose, it must be made clear that the Association of Masonic Arts is not and never will seek to be or become a Masonic Lodge, Conclave, Encampment or Rite. Its goal is to be a forum and potential source of information and research for any serious person who appreciates and holds generally to the ideals of Freemasonry. The AMA will also seriously undertake to correct distortions in society about the nature of Masonic ideals, as expressed in its arts and material culture. It will do this by interacting with the media in a lively way to make sure that casualness, sloppiness or malice are  not allowed to sully the beautiful meanings of the Craft’s symbols. While ever-mindful of important traditions of ritual secrecy in the Craft, the Association will pursue research and dialogue which can make clear basic Masonic intents in a way that can use the Masonic Arts for a greater force for good in society. 

Since so many recent and very popular works  of different media, both of fiction, as well as popular movies have used Masonic symbols in varying ways, from good, to perhaps harmless, to the truly unfortunate, the AMA will seeks to use the unity of its forum amongst diversely initiated members to find some common-ground to provide needed critical response. Thus the AMA will seek through dialogue between its members, to identify the proper road for response to any distortions of Masonic meanings and symbols in popular culture. So the AMA seeks simply to develop the potential of  a common spirit of appreciation amongst its members which can provide a potential protection for Masonic meanings in the hurly-burly of society and media. Its unique position as a venue for Masonic arts appreciation and research will always have a wider purpose, while being respectful of the Landmarks of the Craft and Masonic decorum. In the ultimate sense the AMA aims to be a helpful parts of the Craft’s goal of increasing fellowship between people, and effectively using unified organizational means for this purpose. 

Our Values:

Our work is built around two core sets of Ancient Masonic Values:

* Knowledge, Wisdom and Beauty;

* Brotherly Love, Relief and Charity;

  Our Goals:

* Creating Museum of Masonic Arts and Architecture;

 * Organizing Academy of Masonic Arts;

* Supporting The George Washington Masonic National Memorial – Symbol of the highest ideals of the American Freemasonry, Keeper of the Light and Memory of our distinguished Worshipful Brother George Washington – the Father of our Country. The Memorial itself is Symbol of the Masonic Architecture and Arts.



Brethren, the new book of our Director of Masonic Diplomacy Most Honorable Peter Fuchs is coming for Christmass!

Please, contact us if you would like to have it for the New Year.

Dear Members and Friends of the Symbolic and Masonic Arts, please visit our new web-site:

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Dear Brethren

and Fellows Lovers of the Masonic Arts,

a hearty welcome to kindly join our Association and enjoy its expositions, and online resources. It is our intent to live up to the high ideals we have set in this great work of Freemasonry.

Please, contact us with any questions or remarks, or with any ideas on the field of the Masonic Arts and Architecture!

Sincerely yours,

                        Dimitar Mavrov, Executive Secretary of AMA





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